CQH2 Technology cluster

CQH2 is an organisation of Central Queensland based leaders with a mission to create the environment for the region to be a benchmark for renewable hydrogen.


The primary purpose of the Central Queensland Hydrogen Technology Cluster (CQH2) will be facilitating skills development and regional capacity, capability, and innovation to meet and sustain the challenge of developing a new hydrogen industry in Central Queensland (CQ).

A priority will be identifying the skills and qualifications that will be needed to support the emerging industry and align investment in those skills to demand.

CQH2 will act as a broker of technology and innovation information for the local supply chain to ensure that the CQ is well placed to

react to changes in technology form and type as well as keep aligned with recent innovation.

CQH2 will also act as a “concierge” for hydrogen proponents and supply chain support industries looking to establish in CQ by looking to develop new hydrogen business and link local supply chain partners.

It will support demonstration projects through to large scale project proponents and work with them on technology development, acquiring industry expertise through knowledge sharing, scaling hydrogen supply chains and domestic and international collaboration.


  • Prepare our local businesses and workforce to enable the new industry and leverage manufacturing opportunities.
  • Maintain oversight of the Regions Hydrogen and Renewables ecosystem to seek opportunities for synergies and partnerships.
  • Act as a “concierge” for hydrogen proponents and technology providers by linking industry, technology and supply chain partners.
  • Assist with identifying funding opportunities and advocacy on common critical infrastructure, legislation and policy headwinds facing the regional Hydrogen Ecosystem.


Central Queensland has begun a journey to map the local Hydrogen Ecosystem in preparation for the global Energy Transition. CQ will be at the forefront of the decarbonisation of large-scale energy and manufacturing industry. CQ is a producer, transporter, utiliser, and exporter of energy to the world, with strong and long-standing trading partners. The region intends to remain leaders in energy production through renewable sources including hydrogen, biofuels, and renewables.

The Fitzroy (AEMO) and CQ Renewable energy Zones (REZ) and large-scale hydrogen will be a large curtailable Renewable Energy

consumer and industry enabler. The CQ Region has been identified as a potential site for a Regional Hydrogen Hub by the State and National Hydrogen Strategy’s.

The CQ Region has previously shown its adaptability to embrace new industry and its supply chains, more recently through the CSG/LNG industry development. The Hydrogen Industry would be embraced by local industry and the community and has demonstrated capability to absorb large scale new industry (e.g. LNG).

Scope and Outcome

Central Queensland is aligned on a vision of becoming a major Hydrogen Hub for Technology and Export.

CQH2 will drive regional understanding of technological development in the hydrogen industry through acquiring industry expertise, promotion and collaboration, encouraging innovation in regional supply chains and a strong investment environment.

A key outcome will be that CQ has in place the structure to facilitate skills development and training facilities to develop regional capacity, capability and innovation to meet and sustain the challenge of developing a new hydrogen industry in the region.

The region should be a center for research and development activities including leading pilot and demonstration opportunities through our education institutions.

Our community should also understand the industry and trust that it is a safe and reliable fuel for the future. Future CQ workforce will have a greater awareness of hydrogen technology and their applications to the regional industry.

The group will not take on direct accountability or project management of individual projects within the Hydrogen Ecosystem, rather support and celebrate (member or private) initiatives.

Cluster Composition

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